A Mind Condensed

A poem is

a mind condensed;

all menace, tumult, and ecstasy

delivered with density.

This is a poem I wrote about two years ago about the nature of poetry itself. Poetry distills an experience to its most potent expression, leaving no words wasted or haplessly placed. It can contain great emotional depth, intellectual prowess, and stunning candor in a small amount of space.

I’ve chosen it as the theme of this collection of writing because in a time when words proliferate more than ever, often what is more helpful to fostering quality thought is a focused stream of concentration on a particular subject. Thinking well and hard is not a popular practice, but it does yield a wealth of wisdom to those who partake in it. I’ve decided to publish content on this site that promotes reflection, without necessarily exhausting all possible comments on any idea. While not every piece will be poetry or even necessarily feature poetry, my aim is that this form’s concise quality will infiltrate the other writings of this collection.

Not only is this my goal, but it is also to encourage quality thought through a paradigm of faith, which–whether admitted or not–colors every aspect of cognition. Regardless of your religious background or personal beliefs, I hope you are able to find worthy dialogue here with a distinctly Christian worldview. It is my belief that our highest thoughts are those that are revealed to us by the transcendent God who is also extremely immanent in our human experience; the One who invented human minds, the languages that they use to articulate themselves, and His Word, the Bible, which supplies us with truth that is ingrained into the fabric of our world.

Finally, I’m hoping that the beauty of written words will be impactful in this space. We are heirs to centuries of rich literature and live in a time where access to most of it is commonplace, so I’ll make use of it often. Join me in enjoying words that sonorously echo from ages past with timeless value.

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