A silent rope, intangible,

Is holding you to me,

It proves distance surmountable,

And breaks our star-crossed theme.


It binds our time as dear ones fast,

And melds us into one,

This cosmic bond can surely last,

When days so near are gone.


Life can drag to forking paths,

Those most inclined to stay,

Even then they’re linked by math,

Since physics’ rules don’t sway.


You’re lost to me in time and space,

So often I lose heart,

And hide in every nearest face,

Whenever we’re apart.


Though I know not just where you are,

Nor where you plan to go,

Still strong–though stretched however far

Our rope will surely show.


Yes, others gain the benefit,

Of close proximity,

But nature’s laws will never quit,

We’re bound by gravity.

–N.R. 6/8/2020

Did you know that you share a gravitational attraction to every single object in the universe? The laws of gravity state that every single mass that exists experiences the gravitational pull of every other mass. Though distance is a factor into which masses are most affected by the gravity between them, the force still exist between all objects, people, planets, and stars.

I was thinking about how so often people come in and out of my life, and sometimes it seems like I’ll never be able to be close with them anymore. Maybe they move far away, or they have a new stage of life apart from mine, or they just have a busy schedule that means they can’t be accessible. Sometimes they just change as people and we move along different currents. I’ve found comfort in the fact that I still share gravity (literally and figuratively) with those people, that their impact on my life still exists even when our relationship is no longer what it used to be. I can remember the briefest and longest of friendships and be encouraged that we are linked by something that supersedes our distance to each other.

In this time of separation and constant change, I’m letting the laws of gravity remind me that I’m not as disconnected as I sometimes feel.

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